Software Testing

6 Questions is in ur code, testing it.


What types of software do you specialise in testing?

Most of our experience is in the testing of websites, web apps, and mobile apps. This is very handy as it’s what 90%+ of the surface web consists of and is the majority of what needs testing.

My website is fine. It doesn’t need testing!

Are you sure about that? Your website is your billboard on the Internet. First impression matter and they can be a lasting impression. Do you want to leave those first few seconds of impact to chance? Or, would you prefer to be certain that your website looks, feels and functions exactly as you want it to, and how your visitors expect it to?

What about [Foo niche area of software testing]?

6 Questions is a bovine excrement free zone. If we can’t do it, we’ll be totally upfront and say so. Then, we’ll do our level best to find someone who can meet your needs, whether that’s API testing, accessibility testing, load testing, or security testing.